Antananarivo is a pleasant city, once you take the time to discover it. In order to help you, you will find some information and links below.


Our neighborhood of Ampasamadinika–Isoraka is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods  of the Capital. Here you will find several hotels, around twenty restaurants, bars, travel agencies, banks, exchange offices, and different embassies. The Indian shopping neighborhood is located in the nearest area. A private security service ensures a total safety, even at night.

What to do in Antananarivo

In half a day

In a day

In two days


Museum of art and archeology of the university of Madagascar

Adress : 7, lalana Dokotera Villette – ISORAKA
Tel : 22 210 47
From Monday to Friday 08h to 11h 30 and 16h to 17h

National museum of geology - Ampandrianomby

Tel : 22 403 19
Exhibition of stones and minerals
From Monday to Friday 08h to 11h and 14h to 16h

Art center and archeology - Analakely

Tel : 22 273 56
Exhibition of ancient objects
From Monday to Friday 08h to 11h30 and 14h to 16h

Zoo and botanical park - Tsimbazaza

Tel : 22 311 49
Every day from 09h to 17h



Fruits, vegetables and daily life

Chinese market